Humanitarian Work & Responsibility Efforts

As part of Jennifer’s business model, donations and contributions are granted to her non-profit, The Abbie Buktaw Memorial Foundation, which supports philanthropic organizations like Cynthia Kersey’s Unstoppable Foundation, Doctors Without Borders and non-profit arts organizations like The Dizzy Feet Foundation (of “So You Think You Can Dance”) and more.

Named after Jennifer’s late sister, The Abbie Buktaw Memorial Foundation exemplifies tremendous commitment to promoting the unique value and greatest potential of the lives of others.

To date, Jennifer’s organization has raised more than $250,000 for The Unstoppable Foundation, resulting in the creation of drinkable water, health clinics and eight schools in an impoverished region of Africa where the illiteracy rate is 80% among men and 90% among women.

The Abbie Buktaw Memorial Foundation also offers an educational program which extends scholarships to those wanting to further their education.

Jennifer’s success has not only enabled her to profoundly influence her audience, but support, heal, and educate less fortunate individuals worldwide through her philanthropy.