For 25 years, Jennifer McLean has served as a spiritual catalyst and healing facilitator, guiding thousands to transmute their deepest fears, blocks, and old beliefs into new levels of alignment, growth, health, wholeness and abundance.

An energetic healer, trained in various modalities, she combines her intuitive gifts of emotional and spiritual discernment with the knowledge and wisdom of life’s varying experiences to lovingly identify and compassionately release the stories and events that have kept you from living a magnificent life.

Two of her favorite methods for facilitating your healing are her acclaimed Spontaneous Transformation Technique - an innovative, proven technique that helps you shift withheld energy in the body to successfully liberate yourself from various ailments and heartaches. And, her expansive repertoire of sound vibration Soul Songs contain unique tonal sound vibrations that initiate and promote profound, multi-layered healing.

In addition to her extensive background in healing therapy, she has an equally extensive corporate background that ranges from advertising sales to promotional event marketing, traditional marketing management, public relations and brand communications -- culminating a 27-year business strategy career in Corporate America.

In 1995, she launched Yahoo! Canada and played in the technology industry during the full boom and bust, becoming a business strategist with specialization in marketing for startups.

After creating hundreds of multi-millionaires through her own unique Credibility Branding System, she left corporate America in 2008 and integrated her digital and traditional marketing savvy and passion for healing into the launch of her own company, McLean MasterWorks.

McLean Masterworks has become a multimillion- dollar organization in the human potential movement that produces renowned sub-brands, Healing With The Masters, Living Your Success Signature, and industry-leading membership site MasterWorks Healing.

Blending her worlds of healing and business have allowed entrepreneurs like you to accelerate your success by tapping deep into your unique human potential and what was meant for you, creating unstoppable congruency and abundance.

Most business coaching programs lack these important healing and energy elements, which make Success Signature customers so successful so fast.

Jennifer’s unique combination of sound business practices and comprehensive energy healing is the secret ingredient for helping you access your Success Signature and ignite your grandest capacities.

Mary A. Hall is a renowned Healer, Coach, Author and Speaker. Her system for guiding others to connect to their Heart and Divine Essence has launched her into becoming one of the most celebrated and profound Healers in the industry.

At the heart of Mary’s work is her ability to see you for who you really are – a Divine Being of Love and Light participating in a magnificent human experience.

Mary has many tools at hand to coach you energetically, cognitively and physically into the open flow of life, where well-being and abundance abound.

A master Abundant Life Coach and healer, she can guide you to clear, release and create new energetic imprints that allow you to resonate with, move into, and live from a new place.

This new energetic signature becomes a higher resonating attribute within you, enabling you to open up to a life of abundance and ease.

She has a remarkable ability to quickly hone in on subtle energies and core issues, allowing her to gently and precisely guide you to release blocks, thereby helping you create a freer, more joyful life while progressing toward your desired goals.

She has done all of this for Jennifer and her business time and time again and for thousands in her practice and coaching groups. 


For more than a decade, Jessica has served as a Creative Director and design guru who’s helped many companies and brands achieve their vision by clearly communicating their voice, values, mission and principles through beautiful and effective graphics. She has a unique ability to intuitively refine a brand, infusing elegance and luxury into a masterfully-crafted visual strategy, which effectively increases the flow of revenue, credibility and clarity. She has been a designer, brand manager, strategic mind and marketer for McLean MasterWorks for over 7 years. When she’s not designing, Jessica is pursuing her other passions of yoga, meditation, the culinary arts and traveling the globe. 

Matt Thompson works hand-in-hand with partners and team members to create original content for all branches of the McLean MasterWorks company tree. He writes original copy for sales pages, blog posts, web pages and more while managing the life-transforming MasterWorks Healing Membership Site and Success Signature Labs Membership Site. Matt also furthers the company mission of inspiring greater planetary peace and prosperity by supporting all referral partners in new product launches and promotions. When not writing or supporting his team and the McLean MasterWorks communities, Matt is constantly researching new trends, exploring new technology, crafting with wood and leather, spending time in nature and photographing the world around him. 


As part of our $50,000 coaching program that served as the foundation for Living Your Success Signature Business Volume 1 and Volume 2, Linda’s wealth of insight, experience and coaching prowess is beyond measure.

She is incredibly practical, powerful, ridiculously passionate, and a thoroughly amazing coach in her own right. Pretty much without exception, her clients expand their businesses and their profitability 2,000 to 3,000 Percent. 

Linda is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with a background in big corporate Information Technology. So, she applies the Lean Six Sigma standard for increasing pro tability by reducing mistakes, eliminating unnecessary expenses and generating more revenue to help her clients soar to new heights of success and abundance.

By fully embodying her Success Signature and authenticity, she has developed her own methods of helping individuals achieve their wildest business dreams. And, as a result, she was rapidly promoted through the ranks in corporate America. As a global leadership executive, she assembled elaborate teams of hundreds of people from around the globe to work on the most impactful projects for the companies with which she’s worked.

After absolutely thriving in Corporate America, Linda tapped in and felt her Success Signature leading her to serve small businesses and small business owners. So, she went out on her own and built a consulting business, helping businesses grow and become leaders in their own right.

Linda brings her remarkable gifts and invaluable swath of life experience to our master program to teach you how to become a Success Signature case study in achievement and reach ALL of your most ambitions dreams. 


With a passion for helping individuals reach the fullest expression of their gifts while building a business that supports their soul’s journey AND inspires nancial abundance, Colleen opens the channels of success for her coaching clients and helps them create the lives they’ve always dreamt of living.

It is her mission to coach individuals into careers that are aligned with their Success Signature, overflowing with fulfillment and tapped-in to a new paradigm of nancial abundance.

Colleen offers a remarkable coaching history, having facilitated some of the most radical transformations we have ever seen. She has worked with countless high-powered executives with hundreds of millions of dollars in responsibilities to increase pro tability, reduce costs and increase e ectiveness on an enormous scale.

While coaching a General Manager at a globally- distributed beverage company in South Africa, whose branch had historically been the worst performer in all divisions, Colleen helped him to achieve the top-performance award for worldwide for revenue, operating expense and pro t. And, she did it in just one year! 

In another instance, she worked with a newly- promoted VP of operations and helped to grow his business from $52 million to $268 million in just 3 years, completely rewriting how they do business.

She also coached an entrepreneur through the very foundational stages of business and advised on the strategic framework, organizational design and values. Within two years, she helped him build from the concept stage to a 300+ client consulting firm with operating revenues of $100 million.

To list a few areas of her expertise, Colleen has experience in organization structure, company processes, new product development and whole- brand practice transformation. She has been able to take violent and chaotic workplaces and transform them into value-driven entities that focus on calmness, respect and diversity.

Her experience with powerful executives, keynote speakers and new entrepreneurs enables Colleen to meet you where you are and o er exactly what you need to strategically move into a new role that offers you the highest levels of fulfillment.

It is her desire to help you see your Success Signature fully expressed as your goals of business success, emotional freedom and financial abundance are fully realized. 

Joel Bagley was a wildly successful marketing and business consultant who advised multimillion-dollar companies, helped them increase revenue and reach their target markets more e ectively than ever before.

When he heard the call of his Success Signature, life showed up and Joel responded in perfect form. When his son began struggling with addiction, Joel jumped at the opportunity to serve and, for the last 11 years, has empowered individuals to heal from addiction and repair essential family relationships through his addiction center.

His Success Signature is so strong that he and his son (CEO of the company) now run the gold- standard of recovery programs which serve as the business model for all other recovery centers.

In fact, his program has been so successful, it caught the attention of MacKenzie Group – one of the largest business consultants on the planet that researches the most successful businesses in a variety of di erent sectors to determine the methods that work best. As a result, Joel’s program now serves as the benchmark for generating revenue and helping individuals fully recover from addiction.

In addition to running a successful business, Joel and his son wake up each day to follow their Success Signatures and serve an entire community in their time of greatest need.

Joel’s going to help you build your business to become a recognized gold standard in your industry. Imagine the day when your business serves as the foundation for every other in YOUR industry.

Joel o ers a capacity to thoroughly understand how to live your Success Signature through great stress, how to be motivated by your life, and how to use the gifts inside of you, that are squeezed out through life experiences, to build an incredibly successful business that gets recognized as the premier model in any industry. 


From organic farming to real estate, Julie Valentin has literally done (and been successful) at it all. By regularly tapping into her Success Signature, Julie has a wide variety of experience in different trades, different industries, and different ways of doing business. 

She is one of the most successful real estate professionals in the Sedona area and consistently performs in the top 3 to 4 percent of all producers in her network. She knows how to thrive in any situation and has consistently been able to rise above obstacles and generate incredible success -- even when the housing market was virtually nonexistent. She first tapped into her Success Signature with a successful organic farm, where she came to understand the concept of divine timing, flow, sacred pace, and the importance of being comfortable with change. When you’re a farmer, anything can happen and Julie was able to succeed despite life’s toughest obstacles.

Julie also ran a successful, small-service business, from which she learned what it takes to marry your Success Signature with partners who match your values. She created a unique Success Signature business model in real estate, which she does in service and support. She helps her clients navigate the life transition to authenticity and ground in their essence while also providing them with the grounding on planet earth and what they need in a home and residence. 

Through her remarkable wealth of personal and professional experience, she learned what not to do and then, in turn, how to come up with a solution that works - every time. And now, she’s creating her new circle ― the circle of support for all life stages and for serving this community of entrepreneurs. Her next adventure is with us and with you, guiding you to transition authentically and run a business of your dreams.

With Julie as your coach, you’re going to work with someone who truly understands that all of life is a partner, not an adversary, and all available resources can be utilized to achieve a goal.