McLean MasterWorks is the company parent for Jennifer McLean’s Healing platform.

Jennifer delivers the “Quintuple Healing Multiplier” that consists of:

  1. The Spontaneous Transformation Technique - The global phenomenon that is The Spontaneous Transformation Technique, a system of accelerated healing that create instant shifts in just 7 - 15 minutes.

  2. Deeply healing Soul Journeys - Shamanic-like journeys transport you to a new vibrational possibility that builds strength of beliefs as it also creates a new reality of possibility for strength, clarity and power.

  3. Acoustical Anchoring Sound Vibration Soul Songs - Jennifer Channels the remarkable Sound Vibration Soul Songs that containing unique tonal sound vibrations. These frequencies initiate and promote profound, multi-layered healing while acoustically anchoring what has just been healed and re-patterned.

  4. Powerful Reiki-like Energy Healing Attunements - Jennifer’s special gift of Attunements are similar to Reiki attunements except they are customized energetic keys made just for you base on an energetic intention.  They awaken and ignite dormant internal resources and energy frequencies to create permanent change.

  5. Sacred healing prayer work - since 2011 Jennifer has been delivering remarkable and sacred prayer work for hundreds of thousands. Each year registrants in the tens of thousands gather to experience the deep personal healing as they also contribute to transformation of friends and family… and the planet.

Through her dedication to healing and transformation Jennifer has help millions to overcome trauma, addiction, upset and lack, it support the release and unwinding of old beliefs stick in the subconscious

Her mission is simple: to be a conduit and amplifier for encouraging and empowering transformational shifts in perception, increasing global consciousness and igniting the inner light of all, creating peace on the planet.

McLean Masterworks is known for its social responsibility, supporting and empowering shifts in perception for elevating global consciousness.

A multimillion-dollar wellness organization and leader in the human potential movement and business arena, McLean Masterworks produced renowned sub-brands, “Healing With The Masters,” “Living Your Success Signature Business,” and current industry-leading membership site, MasterWorks Healing.

Spontaneous Tranformation Technique

Jennifer’s unique healing system, The Spontaneous Transformation Technique, is a powerful holistic approach to self-healing, which quickens change and transformation. This proven modality enables individuals to use their life experiences and circumstances to discover and ignite their natural healing intelligence, which is available to each soul.

Built on the miracle of healing contained within each person’s body— as illustrated by the ability for skin to regrow over a cut, or bones to mend, or sustained life after the removal of organs—Jennifer’s Spontaneous Transformation Technique energetically leverages this extraordinary capacity to allow individuals to discover their own internal power to heal just about anything. 

MasterWorks Healing Membership Site

Jennifer’s commitment to the evolution of humanity is further expanded through her online membership community, MasterWorks Healing, which promotes ongoing growth, discovery and healing through weekly shows where members get regular access to prominent life coaches, healers and experts through live, interactive, group coaching sessions.

A rarity in the online space, MasterWorks Healing is known for uniting people through collective encouragement and empowerment of positive, transformational shifts in perception for increased global consciousness. 

Transformational Live Events

Jennifer masterfully blends her savvy as a healer, speaker, wellness entrepreneur and business coach with her proprietary Spontaneous Transformation Technique and time-tested, multimillion-dollar- generating Credibility Branding System of business to bring live, interactive, in-person healing to thousands.