“I was so amazed at the energy I felt in my body with each of your Spontaneous Transformation sessions. On one of your calls, when you worked with the woman from Canada, I suddenly felt this weeping coming and, as I let the tears flow, I felt the release of a sadness I had been holding onto for a long time from my childhood. Thank you!” ~ Gloria
“It felt as if Jennifer really were here with me, and that she could see me, because her words and intention were so strong. At first, I was full of INTENSE nerves. Yet, throughout, my mind and body traveled to so many places. I just wanted to say thank you for your Spontaneous Transformation Technique. Again, thank you.” ~ Kathy

“I have never been as moved as when I listened to the first part of your Spontaneously Transform Your Life workshop. I feel it has changed something within me and I know now what ‘shift’ feels like. I lost my dad when I was 13, but I couldn’t cry as I had to be strong for my mom. Today, while listening to you, I became that little girl and I cried for my dad for the first time. I followed the same path when I lost my husband four years ago and stayed strong for my children, but I cried today. I feel so calm now and yes, I am magnificent and looking for fun. Thank you so much for the Spontaneous Transformation, Jennifer. I love your programs!” ~ Val
“I love your way of helping people transform anger, sadness, pain and disease into true freedom and lasting magnificence. The Spontaneous Transformation sessions truly helped me on several levels. This wonderful technique, along with your spiritual sensitivity just amazes me. It was great to hear you pretty much channel one caller’s father, as he was truly able to help her let go of her painful emotions about one of her sisters. That hit home with me because my sister and one of my brothers have been at odds with me over some sensitive issues.” ~ Marie

“The more I experience your healing gifts, I’m amazed at your ability to help people heal in order to be more productive and prosperous in their various endeavors. Jennifer, I humbly agree that your Spontaneous Transformation Technique has changed hundreds of thousands of lives over the last two decades, and also demonstrates that you are truly a divine force.” ~ Anne
“I appreciate the wonderful work you are doing. I completely value everything you have put out there. Over the past year, you have helped me immensely on my path, you have inspired me beyond imagination, and your Spontaneous Transformation Technique has empowered me with tremendous strength and helped to assist me in cultivating inner divine guidance. I am forever grateful to you.” ~ Shelly

“I have no idea how to thank you for the change that Spontaneous Transformation is bringing to my life and to my world. I have been a pilgrim, a seeker in terms of spirituality my whole life. I have had years of therapy and many therapists, priests, ministers, and spiritual leaders have been important in my life. But I am enthralled by this notion that what comes to us, be it upset or joy, is here for us to ‘play with,’ to enable us to expand the self, our worlds, our consciousness, to see what more we can learn, become more of, and embrace in this wonderful journey of being. It truly is life-changing! I can never THANK YOU enough for your transformative technique and guidance.” ~ Carol
“For the last four months, I have been having trouble with my left hip, it hurt every time I tried to walk after sitting for awhile. At times, I felt like I needed a walker. Since I am trained in Natural Medicine, I took some supplements and upped my movement exercises, but nothing has worked. I am also 63, so I am at that age when ‘stuff ’ could start to happen as my age group seems to be lined up for hip replacements. I’ve been doing your Spontaneous Transformation Technique and, last night, I was doing some things around the house and realized that my hip no longer hurts. I have no trouble getting up or walking, bending over or doing any of the things I would normally do. Thank you!” ~ Janet